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Before Your 1st Session:
All new clients are granted special access to our New Client Welcome Guide. This guide not only contains our policies, but it also has special preparation tips and tools to help you get prepared for your upcoming hypnosis session. This information is emailed to each and every client prior to his or her first hypnosis session. While we make every effort to ensure that each client receives this information, it is up to each client to let us know if they have not. If you have not received this information, please call us at 888-344-3773. Participating in a hypnosis with us serves as your acknowledgment that you have read, understand, and agree to the policies outlined in this guide.

During Your 1st Hypnosis Session:
At your first session, Advanced Hypnosis Program Clients will be given an access code to access our Client Tools area. You should keep this code in a safe place and do not distribute it to anyone else. You can log into our Client Tools area below. If you have any questions or problems, email us at

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  • Self-Hypnosis Instructions
  • Special Hypnosis Conditioning Video
  • Advanced Hypnosis Audio Tools
  • Office Forms & New Client Packet
  • Book Your Own Session Online
  • Much More!

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