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MP3 FAQ Hypnosis RI

Got Questions?

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our hypnosis audio program downloads, and also review our "EULA" below. 

General Hypnosis & Audio Questions:

Can anyone be hypnotized?

What about using free audios I find online?

Can I use hypnosis audios in place of seeking medical treatment?

Why not get audios from a Big Hypnosis Recording Company online?

Is hypnosis appropriate for everyone?

What will my session feel like or be like?

Do I lose control during hypnosis?

What if I fall asleep duing my audio or session?

What if I am too intelligent to be hypnotized?

Will I ever return to my issue or problem in the future?

Are hypnosis audios safe?

Are there any side-effects?

Can I get stuck in a hypnosis session?

What if I tried hypnosis audios in the past but they did not work?

About our audios

Can I get your audios elsewhere?

Hypnosis MP3 Usage & Download Questions:

How do I download my program?

How many times can I download my audio or program?

How often should I use my audio?

How long will it take my audio or program to work?

Can I work on several goals at once?

Can I use other tools with my audio?

When should I use my audio?

What are Subliminal Audios?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

What if I change my mind and want to have a private session?

Terms & Conditions:

General Usage Safety Policy

Release of Liability

Product Updates and Link Change Policy

Dispute Policy

End User License Agreement

Have additional questions?

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