Hypnosis for Relationships

Build stronger relationships, let go of the past - and create friendships that last a lifetime!

Do you wish your could create or maintain a strong, healthy and happy relationship with your partner, spouse, family members, coworkers or friends? Or maybe you're just looking to get over the pain of a past relationship? If so - we can help.

Although most people associate relationship hypnosis with romantic relationships, It is much more than just that. Relationships are the central pillar of a happy and satisfying life. In fact, it is part of our human nature. Whether it's about making it work with a new partner, just enjoying a date, putting things to rest right after a spat, or dealing with insecurity, hypnosis can really help you deal with the psychological and emotional issues that arise in any relationship.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
We understand that talking about relationship problems can be difficult but remember - we are a true professional who will treat your goal with respect. All records, sessions and conversations are always kept private and confidential.

Compassion and Understanding:
Hypnosis can help you be more accepting, tolerant and understanding when and where you need to be in your relationship. It can also give you courage to speak up and do or say that which needs to be said or done.

Stop Negative Patterns of Fighting and Arguing:
In addition it can help you to break old negative patterns such as yelling and verbally attacking or always retreating and crying and giving in. It can help you to be courageous and stand strong when you need to be or feel safe enough to give in during an argument when you have a hard time doing that.
  • Feel better when you or your partner breaks trust in the relationship
  • Increase your feelings of security and boost your self-confidence
  • Neutralize feelings of anger and fear from the past so they don't interfere in the present
  • Increase independence and trust in your relationship
  • Stop nagging, criticizing and complaining or effectively deal with those who do
  • Stop expecting perfection
  • Get over a past relationship and feel more optimistic about future relationships
  • Leave a bad or unhealthy relationship

  • Overcome fear of commitment 
  • Make good judgments about when to commit in a relationship
  • Get over an old or hurtful past relationship
  • Choose, attract and date "the right kind" of quality partners
  • Relax and enjoy meeting new people
  • Overcome shyness and radiate self-confidence
  • Overcome that NICE guy/girl syndrome

    You Start With Better Hypnosis - You End With Better Results!
    Most programs are all-inclusive, which means you get pre-hypnosis tools, your hypnosis sessions, reinforcement audio's, relapse prevention CD, lifetime reduced client rate, and they are backed by our "stick with it" guarantee.

    Did You Know? Time doesn't erase what your subconscious mind learns. That's why many folks who seem to get over an issue (even for years), can very easily return right back to their old way of thinking or feelings. Their subconscious mind NEVER forgets the past.

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