Choosing The Right Hypnosis Program:

Most people seek the help of a hypnosis provider, only after many failed attempts with other products and services.

And while hypnosis can be a great option for changing and improving your life, it's important to be sure that you are picking the right method for your needs.

So - what's the best way to do this?
Rhode Island Hypnosis Facts

You need to begin by changing the way you think about hypnosis:

Most people that are new to the idea of hypnosis, understandably make the mistake of thinking that hypnosis is a uniform treatment. In fact - they are often so busy looking for hypnosis itself, that they completely neglect to take into consideration the type of method that they'll actually be receiving. And so, they simply go online to locate the closest and cheapest hypnosis provider who returns their call first.

However, the reality is that hypnotherapists use very different methods, techniques, and tools - some of which are simply better than others. The skill of the therapist and, more importantly, the specific techniques they are trained in, is what actually affects success rates. In short, a good hypnotherapist with an excellent technique will deliver far better results than those using more basic methods.

Recognizing the different types of hypnotherapy techniques:

While there may be countless names for hypnosis method types, they are all broken down into three main categories. In addition, the information outlined below is not to imply that there are any bad or good methods of hypnosis. Rather, there are simply different methods depending on your needs and your desired outcome.

Suggestion based hypnotherapy:
It's the most common hypnotherapy on the market. Ideas or "suggestions" for new attitudes and behaviors are given during hypnosis. Although this option is sometimes used for uncomplicated problems, the downside is that it doesn't address the "real cause" of the issue, so it can manifest in other ways or return later. Suggestion hypnosis can help for around a 1/3 of issues, except for cases involving paranoid schizophrenia or brain damage. However, results are usually short-term and only last a little while.

Also known as "free association." It's another technique which currently appears to be very popular. This approach can delve deeper into the mind and involves asking the subconscious mind to bring forward information relating to the problem. However, problems can arise with this undirected approach because it can also bring up more issues in addition to the one the client came in with. So not only does this leave the client with more problems than the original one, it also establishes an unhealthy dependency on the therapist.

Advanced Hypnotherapy:
When used properly, Advanced Hypnosis can be a permanent solution because it takes a holistic approach to addressing the problem. In fact, it has been shown to be up to 96% more effective than basic hypnosis. An advanced hypnotherapist will have undertaken specialist training and is rare. The advanced hypnotherapist is skilled at gaining direct access to the subconscious mind and finding the root of the problem.

Just like an expert computer hacker, the advanced hypnotherapy specialist eliminates the 'mind viruses' causing the issues. When the 'mind viruses' are deleted and the attitudes and behavior pattern reprogrammed, the problem can be fixed.

Advanced hypnotherapy generally resolves most issues within 1-4 sessions, compared to suggestion or hypno-analysis, which can take up to 20 sessions or more, and still not fully fix the problem. Advanced hypnotherapy involves following specific protocols that address the problem from all sides. The approach works with a client's unique mind programmes, and the parts of the mind keeping the problem in place. Once the source of the problem has been dealt with, suggestions are used to lay down the foundations of a new set of behaviors and attitudes.

What technique does Rhode Island Hypnosis use?

We use advanced hypnotherapy combined with a scientific and psychological approach that consists of mapping out your direction, purpose and goal. In fact, many of our clients actually report seeing some degree of change, even before we conduct the first hypnosis hypnosis session.

Before Your First Hypnosis Session:
Before you even have your first session, we are already setting you up for success. Each new client gets access to our New Client Page, which contains special preparation tools and powerful tips to help them prepare for their upcoming life-changing program.

During Your Session(s):
We use a unique combination of visual sensory and audio tools to enhance and deepen your hypnotic experience and level. This helps to ensure that ALL of our clients are more easily able to enter the required deep and relaxing hypnotic state.

We Don't Hypnotize You & Leave You To Hope For The Best:
Following your program, you will receive hypnotherapy tools that can be used as reinforcement to your current issue, or for any other area of your life that you might be struggling with. We also teach you self-hypnosis and provide you with a special reduced rate, should you find that you have a another goal that you'd like to work on in the future.

So, how exactly do you determine which technique is best for you?

If you're looking to try hypnosis without being overly concerned with long-term results or the number of sessions involved, the fact is - any technique will do. However, if your goal IS to get long-term results in a short amount of time, you will need a provider like us, who uses an advanced hypnosis program that is actually designed to accomplish this. And we are the only provider in Rhode Island that is trained in Advanced Hypnosis.

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