Payments, Fees & Other Information

General Office Fee List:

Transfer Of Client Records - $25.00
Returned Check Fee - $15.00
Late Cancellation Fee - $60.00

Amount: $


  • This page is exclusively for clients that need to make miscellaneous fee payments listed above. If you have an upcoming appointment, you will receive separate instructions for paying for your session or program via credit card.

  • Pre-payments or overpayments are non refundable and can only be credited towards future sessions that are booked in a timely manner. In addition, any special payment arrangements or payment plans must be discussed with us prior to your appointment.

  • Hypnosis is considered a self-help, self-pay option. And although hypnotherapists can't accept insurance directly, reimbursement for hypnosis services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. We can assist you in filling out any forms that you provide us with but please check your coverage for details beforehand.

    Hypnosis Prices and Rates:
    Listing generic session rates is misleading since the amount that a hypnosis provider charges per-session may be different than the total cost of changing your life with hypnosis. However, we can tell you that all of our service fees are competitive. Hypnosis is a professional field and as such, pricing is generally guided by the industry. This is a good thing because it means that you can rest assured that as long as you are working with a fully trained and certified professional, then the service fees should be about the same no matter who you go to. This enables you to focus on finding a quality hypnosis provider that is a good fit - instead of worrying about price. Learn More...

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