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Nobody can argue that when it comes to succeeding in life, knowledge is power! And success is the one destiny we have control over though the knowledge we acquire.

For more than a decade, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Personal Life Coach, Joseph S. Gionti C.Ht., has been teaching the general public and peer hypnotists about the power of the human mind, what really drives success and how to achieve personal goals. His books have been downloaded by thousands of people all around the world.

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Mind Conditioning - The Power of Change
By Joseph Gionti C.Ht.
Instant Download - $9.99

Why are people like Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Donald Trump so successful?  Science has proven that luck has very little to do with success.  Rather, the minds of successful people work very differently. This book will explain those differences and how you too can condition your own mind for success.

You Are Getting Sleepy - Learning Hypnosis 
By Joseph Gionti C.Ht.
Instant Download - $5.99

So you have an interest in learning hypnosis but you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars doing so?  This book is for you. This book will provide the basics on how to perform hypnosis very quickly. In fact, you can begin hypnotizing people the very same day, all without spending months attending some school.

Hypnotic Inductions
By Joseph Gionti C.Ht.
Instant Download - $5.99

There are literally hundreds of thousands different induction patterns that you can use as a hypnotist. The problem with most hypnosis training programs and books is that they usually only provide you with a few hypnotic inductions to get you started.  This book will help because it is filled with nothing but hypnosis inductions.  No fluff or filler content.

7 Step Roadmap To Success
By Joseph Gionti C.Ht.
Instant Download - $5.99

We take time out to plan things like our daily activities or our dinner menus. Yet how often do we take time out to examine the cause and reasons for our life achievements?  This short and simple book will help you take a look at the simple things in life that may be holding you back from getting ahead and accomplishing everything that you want to in life.

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