Regression Hypnosis

Explore your mind and tap into your higher inner power to answer past-life questions with hypnosis!

Although we offer typical hypnosis services for health, wellness, and personal improvement, Rhode Island Advanced Hypnosis Center also offers many special service hypnosis options such as Age Regression and Past Life Regression.

Accessing the memories from your past is as easy as accessing memories of anything you may have experienced few days ago, or few years ago. What holds any memory in your mind and your energy field are your emotions. If you think of any experience in this life, you may notice that those that were emotionally intense, significant or unique in any way, will be much easier to recall, than ordinary everyday experiences.

While some people are merely curious about exploring their past lives, from the therapeutic perspective, the main purpose of recalling past experiences is to help the person resolve issues that are creating obstacles in living one's life fully in the present. From therapeutic perspective, it doesn't matter if the past experience happened yesterday or if your mind perceives it as happening a lifetime ago, as either way it still exists in your memory. However, that memory may still be exerting a great influence, empowering or disempowering upon your present life.

The value of each experience is in lessons it provides. Once they are learned, there is no more need for such experience to repeat, but until the lesson has been learned, the experience will tend to repeat itself in different forms. This is why many people in medical profession believe that by revisiting a past life through hypnosis, you can answer questions from the past and even cure that which ails us. If you are ready to learn more about your past and explore who you were and what you did, get started today!

Did You Know? While hypnosis is generally considered safe, due to the intense nature of regression hypnosis many hypnotists are not qualified to perform it. It requires an extreamly high degree of expertise and we have extensive experience in this area. Therefore, you should only use a highly trained professional if you are considering regression hypnosis.

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